I don’t know about any of you out there… I do know that the commercial culture and Fadism of music has grown substantially these past 2 decades… So while I have lived most of my life as a musical gypsy of sorts.. spending years listening to a couple bands but always shifting into different musical genres, I find myself drawn back to the years of “Walkman” music. what was “Walkman” music? to me that was a time when you had maybe a small cassette tape collection, So listening to full albums was the mainstay. Sure sometimes we’d record mix tapes and they had so much character to them… Anyway, this is from before my heavy Genre travels… or is it the first genre travel I made? it’s hard to tell for sure, But this album was such an important one to me. Despite my later travels to Punk Rock, Industrial, Ska, Reggae, Hard Core… this album still has so much power to it. I hope you enjoy “Rudderless” One of my favorite tracks from the album.