The Truth about Beethoven’s fifth Symphony

When I used to get home from school, I would watch the last 15 minutes of this show… I kind of remember one episode where there was a single office cubical in the woods…. Somehow I would use that to improvise my favorite Joke… The joke was a long explained punchline that had me talking about my boring job and all it’s most boring details of the hardships of “Selling Erganomic Office Flooring”… the idea was that hard floors, even carpeted floors wer bad for feet bad for posture and created stress…. So the answer was to produce mildly contoured office flooring that were exact copies of different woodland or grassland surface areas…. down to literally using real grass watered every night by a drip irrigation system… I must say, as bizarre as that joke was 20 years ago… It still makes me laugh today.