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The Ramones song “DDT Did A Job on me… Now I am a Real Creapy…” I always kind of figured ddt was an ingredient in a solvent or somthing that people huffed.. Its not an unreasonable assumption as a kid to think that… So I figured DDT was about sort of being a druggy or something… Apparently, not.. “DDT….. Lets put that shit Everywhere ” was apparently a mantra for a whole lot of farmers and even just people wanting to not have a big misquito summer…. well.. yeah.. DDT did a job on everybody it seems… soh don’t worry… that cancer boom was cigarrette realated, you just sit back and breath that fresh country air.
Siding with Farmers… its a simple concept. Sounds good.. but there is a point. What’s the point? Not all farmers are the same…. the method, the method is very important. What is Urea Anyway? here’s a hint.. it’s pretty much what is made from the oil/gas reactions and refinement.. what does it mean? well, Oil/gas is refined and then reacted specifically to create NH3 (ammonia) which is then reacted to create the main ingredients in fertilizer. So, fertilizer companies can legally say “Our Fertilizers don’t have oil in them” because like, they stripped the other chemicals from the equation and then added new ones.
Everyone Gets Laid…
The Evolution of the Television…
Satellite Industries…
Want to be an environmentalist and “Save the World”.. well… try looking at this video like and archaeologist and an ethnographer.. looking at the “artifacts”/”Tools” of their trade… do they look like low impact items whether as resource components or production pieces?
hm… I wanna use the pink floyd lyric “All in all you’re all a just a kid in the hall”.. but I support the young activists and would be using it to call out their institutionally blind NASA STATE affiliateds… does that make sense? eh to some I suppose.
Today I offer an old show of science and education… I’d like you to look at how the industries changed (back then small farm, now mega farm), but I’d also like you to notice the sociological aspects, the cultural aspects, the psychological aspects… even more so.. look at the scenery, they say trees can’t speak, but look at the town during the bus/car segment.. a very different style of urban/suburban planning back then.. a lot of these details would be non thoughts to average squares out there.. but there is something very important that can be understood and intuited. Even gas stations.. they used to be little obscure stops we would make to keep the car going… now they are like mini mall oasises that sell us gas for the car… junk foods and plastic wraps.. seems like even gas stations were healthier and less harmful when they just sold gas and cigarrettes.. now all the drinks, junk food, and all that landfill plastic waste… but if you buy cigarrettes, 85% of environmentalist wanna crucify you.. even though you might drive a 36 mpg honda and they drive 18mpg minivan (cause its for the kids).. average family size 4-5… average seat space in a 36mpg honda 5… average space in minivan, 7.. what an excuse of shit.
There are a couple of hidden truths in this bit.. Understand, the Teacher represents the Boomers.. not old boomers, no, the boomers at 40.. the teacher is not the Unsuccessful or the uncool in context of boomers.. he is like the middle management trying to direct both the success and failures of society into the desired manage-able horizon of society’s selfish self interests. This plays out today in numberous ways; Race, Environment, Economics, Status Quos… Teachers have been playing catchup this decade.. They have been acting as though they carry the Fight for the Future… no.. its a sham. Teachers are often the purveyors of status quo punishments and rewards… and they start handing out the punishments and rewards at earlier ages and to younger ages. Often before any of their students are appropriate for either; punishment or reward.
The Dark Side of the 90s… this sort of viewing is sort of important.. The bubble gum dark.. the Hidden Sculptures of strings and manipulants.. The unacknowledged story is, that the Dark 90s, is really a continuation of the Cultisms of the 70s and the 80s.. the Dark 90s was both an embodiment and a evolution of the veneer of pristine, of the 70s and 80s that were used to scantily cover their often dark and “socially subversive” tradition.. bubble gum smut. During the Time, it seemed only Grunge and Hiphop could shatter that veneer of pristine. But Grunge and Hiphop, unfortunately couldn’t carry the future’s character… In their own way, all of these scenes followed Image and Rep, often using the same Imagery and Status Quos.
I don’t often play Full Albums here.. This might be worth it though.. why in the “Ozone” Section? Well, You’re right. I usually play music on the Front Page.. well, this albums is called “Atmosphere” .. and it does create atmosphere.. but It also reminds some of us of those days that became seldom and seldom.. so much so that most of you wouldn’t understand. The smokey room, mingled with marijuana and cigarettes, people sitting at tables in dimly lit rooms, fuzzy carpets, lamp lighting, maybe even track lighting.. dark stained wooden surfaces, flat paints, maybe even that old sort of stucco ceilings.
Something about Beatnik Poetry.. Their Academic and Class while still embroiled in Rebellion.. That and Also the fact that the hippies seemed to lose ground in all movements.. Beatniks often depended on Jazz, Multiculturalism… Hippies brought a bit towards multiculturalism, but in a uniquely Southern Culture = Plantation Multiculturalism..
I Guess that is the Difference between the two.
Beatniks=Cosmopolitan Multiculturalism
Hippies = Plantation Multiculturalism
What are the sounds of Space.. I can’t verify that this recording is legit. Some can I suppose. Radio telescopes and such.. What is sound, but a wave traveling… Interesting listen. Why not?
This movie is a masterpiece.. I would encourage people to watch this. A much ridiculed Composer, He was considered arrogant, however skill like his would indicate otherwise. The music, the atmosphere of this picture takes us back to a time when Hollywood almost sought its artistic roots, epics and theater.
This man, was a very interesting man.. Anyone interested in Physics, WW2, Motown, Soul, Rock, Blues, Southern Rock, Music Technician Work.. this guy is your DaVinci.
Like audio books? Try listening to old Radio Shows. I often think the generations that could actively listen to these types of shows and not need t.v. or movies, I think those people had a greater ability to Imagine, to Think, To empathize. I may be wrong, but Radio shows have a magic to them. I wonder if you may consider the same.
The Atmosphere used to to contain Chemicals and Elements, Sound Waves and Light Waves. Now it contains information; 4g 5g and beyond… All comes back to the Radio.. a little glimps I like.. because its different maybe smarter than the glitchy Documentaries seen today.
A Masterpiece of Advertising Satire

The radio was a major tool used to inform and dis-inform. It was a tool used to subjugate under the guise of liberate. A propaganda machine. I am not arguing the usage of radio.. It may be important to note, Radio was one prong in the campaigns… The other prong was money and affluence that was artificially invested, built, created, and placed in the zones of the desired lands adjacent to the lands of desired influence.