Games and Theory

Today’s video is very short… benign (or is it?)… but this is the explanation of Games and Theory.. this is the unveiled entire point of this section.. Socialization, being part of the “In” crowd or the crowd of “Others”… Games are encouraged throughout childhood and life, they are the very fiber of our societal “Slip Streams” and hierarchies… will we slip up or slip down? do not pass go… oh you’re skipped… etc etc… friendly competitions with the double edge of teaching why and how reward and punishment and “healthy cheating or rules changes”… hm…
I have a tough time getting into video games.. I have much I want to do.. you know, career, relocate, family, life… etc… however, I kind of want to get into some vidoe games again… maybe if I had somewhere to simply feel relaxed… not much of that in the States now days.. not even for those who have house and family.. even the happy people have this trait of being anxiously happy or hyper happy.. seems relaxation and calm happy aren’t allowed anymore. what can I say, this is secretly a sociology blog… oh wait, I’ve done and said it.
Quidditch… I could say alot about this, but I’ll keep it simple, Why not use Uni-Cycles and mount real brooms on them? What’s the problem? Would it require too much skill? Is it too nerdy for the “Cool Kids” …
One of the best scenes from a movie I used to watch often before I was a teenager… Still a classic Film..
When I was a small child, before the internet… I heard “Dr. Strangelove” mentioned over and over… not the movie just the name.. and as a small child, before the internet, I still somehow intuited that it was a porno.. I never saw the movie until I was 21.. I am thoroughly pleased that it wasn’t a porno.. All millenials and well, everyone after GENx… if you haven’t seen it, it might be required viewing.. might be, might not be.. its your choice.
I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this posting… but there are some things to think about… difficult how? I know there are some captions indicating the “How” but how many of those are real hows or are they “Hows” used to superficially aculturalize and assimilate the student into doing things “The way we always do it”… how very un innovating.
Something about this game was really appealing… I used to joke that if I ever got to open my Cafe, I would have a Simon League… really it would just be 1 night every quarter… and at the end of the year, We’d have a Championship between the 8 winners (1st place and 2nd place winners from every quarter would play championship night) I’d cater the event, and do it right… silly, but kind of fun anyway.
Games and theory argument; Daytime T.v. 1967-1980s… The decades of the Affluent Stay at Home Mom.. and the T.V. Generations.. Psychology, Fears, Dreams, Aspirations, Excuses, Acceptable Tensions etc etc etc… For those in the Game of Social Movements and Psychology of Nations… here is the thing, These forgotten shows and moments.. are the subliminal now. What do I mean? I mean everyday subliminal.. the sort of thing that makes problems or errors in judgement to be considered “human nature” even though, other cultures don’t have the same problems or judgements as their standard operating procedures… but then, I suppose that is what colonialism was about in it’s essence.. it was about forcing a system of “oh that’s human nature”..
This is a great game.. If i could, I’d build a spot for all my connections on all my medias to gather..
After the 60s.. when the “Squares” took over this country.. and the “hippies” became yuppies or ended up overdosing.. there weren’t any movements.. none allowed.. the only way to get the feel of a movement, was underground scenes.. these are the times, punk began, the times rap and hip hop began, the times industrial began.. all holding a few pieces in the puzzle of our current Struggles.
Good Morning.. Just a casual workday getting ready to begin… Anyone remember many firsts.. especially in the Gaming world. I don’t think many people understand, just what it means, to begin during the height of 8-bit gaming and seeing the virtual world strong enough to create now.. this is probably the best stage of video gaming.. the Half-life stage.
Another Scene from a movie produced by one of my favorites. It is important to appreciate other cultures. The humors, the aesthetics, the sounds. Stephen Chow is a Great. It is obvious he grew up watching Western Cinema.. and he both; tributes and parodies better than any other film maker out there.
The old Games.. before attitude became the game.. before the game became sustained attitude, there was just better action, better wonder, better curiosity, better investigations. In the arts, it was a common phrase to warn people “not to paint themselves into a corner”.. seems our video writers have been doing just that. haven’t they?
I really like documentaries like this.. The story is a great story in this documentary.. Sort of an Infancy industry.. Knowledge and being a professional technician back then, was valued, but they also valued people with heart and curiosity from even the most mundane professional backgrounds. Very much unlike Today.
Comedy… One genre that really does equate to Games and Theory…

Great Sociology can be found in such documentaries..
Often old games, have the best characters and stories. They often create the best of the individual playing.
The difference between Old Games and Modern Games is almost the same as between a Book and a Movie.
It’s always good to have a theory..
There is still a lot of debate about who was in and who was out.. Game fixing.. an interesting concept. Another concept is life or Career Fixing.