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When watching old documentaries, its good to look at everything they show… often not even just the subject they are narrating about. for instance, in Archaeology, the artifact is a central indicator of past peoples.. so what are artifacts? tools, hand tools, driving and large machines, clothing or work clothes, hats, irrigation systems can count although they are often considered “Features”. anyway, interesting to note, industrial agriculture isn’t new, It was maybe a bit newer after refrigerated trains and trucks… this video is like a family video with the industrial farm barely old enough to go to its first year of public school. Even still, old industrial farming method is much less harmful than current industrial farming. Don’t you think… p.s. i’m not even going to examine and critique the sociology of this clip.. how easy would that be..
Born Again in the states?…. I fucking hope not…
Sometimes, I watch commercials as a sort of history.. sometimes not even of the product.. it’s kind of wierd.. however, it also sort of gives a history of things like “Industry Image and Industry Values”
This week’s how its made edition.
In the past… I would mention objections to food irradiations and people would act like I was being paranoid or irrational.. “Your CPU gives off more radiation than you get from any irradiated food”.. ok, maybe thats a good point, but how about how irradiation ended up consolidating food sources in a few areas, encouraged industrial farming… ok, still not sold? ok, how about radiation effects the plant RNA which is also part of our needed nutrient intake? no… ok then how about another pointless industry created for the sake of food vanity that ended up putting your local growers out of business. idk.. point is, the industry doesn’t really hold up in a credible manner.
The invasion.. U.S. mythologies.. this is a big one.. can be viewed on so many levels, the Soap Opera of a President, whom used to be an Intelligence Department Person with focus in the Area as far back as 1970.. now remember, Who the “Experts Were” and whether the history that would be considered future back then, (i.e. the years 1991-2022), actually show Americans improving much of anything in that Region or the World.. a big statement yes? Personally, I think the Americans can have America, nothing much else, that way the Rest of the world can get to know itself again.
The internet.. very interesting roots, and many visual fascades.. As a person who remembers internet in BBSs form, with ansi art, not even being able to digitize pictures, music.. It might be important to ask… How many networks will lie to you successfully in your cpu high definition. What do I mean? I think sometimes the stripped down, bone bare, interfaces of the past.. built minds through a specific process of rationalizing abstractions that we have lost in all of our high definition games, videos, screen resolutions.. The high definition internet, helps us in many ways, but also hinders in many. Can’t scale it back, but work your minds with a balance of the high definition and the old low definition, analogue ways of thought.
So America, when are we gonna talk about the lessons you have learned?
The Station Identification.. Its amazing. Something that really doesn’t seem to exist anymore.. or idk maybe 500+ channels makes the whole thing un-noticeable. Sort of like an old Kate Moss quote.. dare I quote a supermodel of old? I think I dare… “The more visible you create me, the more invisible I become”.. although i think she meant something very different than what we may think today hearing such words.
I remember visiting the Indy Media sites around the time. It was a great source for those just beginning to look at the world in a way that desired specifics. Specifics in History, Specifics in Locational Theories of History.
A Documentary, Who are the Telecoms? This is probably the industry with the biggest impact on Western World Politics and Economics. Take a look, dig deeper.

I side not with the Hackers or the Corporates that the Hackers opposed. However, there is not one bit of information that these individuals were charged for having, that isn’t commonly placed on the regular www system we have today.

Now is the age old question.. Eastern Zoning vrs Western Zoning.. I like Eastern Zoning.. Some good clips.
If I had a CPU that could handle this Software, I would be much more productive with my creativity. Why not give it a try if you can?

I find it very probable, that Guttenburg was commissioned to create a press after hearing stories of such methods existing in China.