Vaults of the Artist

I have watched Samurai and Kung Fu movies often. The cinematography alone is worth it. Once one really watches, its easy to see that american film is whitted, but often times artless.
I like ancient arts from other countries. To me its much like fairytale and beauty except having the complete magic and mystery that only the foreign can supply. I am a multiculturalist to the very core of my being. Sometimes I think the only resentment that I have for my home land, is due only because I have not yet been able to leave that land and because they never seem to have people as interested in the arts as me… its always some sort of reality show drama to them. Cheers to the Ancient Arts of China.
They cover a lot of good ground in why we should study past art… how about past systems? artifacts, iconographies, even opinions and religions can be found in past arts… we can also study the who owned and who contracted the artist and the work being viewed.. a little twitr joke would be what artist could have a “State affiliated media” tag on them… reliable? codes? reward and punishment even technologies and innovations and forgotten methods… they are all found in past arts.
The place looks incredible.. a very calming space.
Nominated for the Academy Award.. however it did not win.. A clssic movie; Pitt, Norton, Meatloaf.. and Bonham-Carter
Idk.. same as all the other ethnographies that I publish on this site.. sort of a trashy, yet inquisitive moment of zen mood here for all the NASA citing environmentalists.. in my opinion anyway.. “why solve, when you can get paid to study postulate and invent crazy technologies with big prices tags to that will help you to study and postulate…and offer tours and souvenirs.. right?”
Low tech often means lowest impact.. and yet low tech also often means obsolete and often un-refined..
These buildings, and Shrines.. they have a refined character we never really get to see in the Western World.. not in our best Malls, or Cities, do we find such art. although, sure… a museum or two may have a couple of rooms devoted to a visiting exhibition.
I remember seeing this sort of thing a few times, during every decade of life.. maybe worth seeing.. remembering the minds eye of our youth.. a time thats the unseen often lay concealed in silouette.. in mystical guessing..
Let’s broaden our perspectives..
The soft yet rebellious sounds.. In a way that is the exact truth of this.. Think about it in another way, It’s like the exotics of global culture.. Even though the video has a sort of classism about it, exotics and foreign sense-abilities are simmering
with all the appeal of maybe a seafood dish with simmered butter..
When we talk about who’s shit don’t stink.. I used to say, “Oh, you think my cigarettes smell bad.. Shit, you should smell all the toxic shit you non smokers buy and build. All that chemical Flushes, all that chemical cologne and pharomones, and your V8 engines and shit… I don’t buy any of that stuff, your stuff is far worse than a pack a day habit. We have wars for oil, yet no wars for tobacco.. what can I say, that was a long time ago to some. “
Post Modern Art… I went to the university from 2012-2015, I was studying art, but mostly social sciences, Urban Development, Societal Issues and those sorts of class of thought classes, as well as advanced Environmental Studies that I was linking to Urban Development.. The Ethics of the University was that Post Modernism was a lie, was quite a shit show in my mind.. Anyway, this is post modernism in art.. why not catch a glimpse.. No-one follows Post Modern Art now. Why was it swept under?
The Gathering and Preserving of Internet Data Bases.. In some ways this could be considered a scary venture.. In other ways, how interesting it would be to view old pages from the 1990s. Angelfire, Geocities, the old days of America on Line and the Excite web servers.. How interesting.
Very Interesting Movie.. I think it was based on an old Manga or Anime movie.. although those could have been based on this film. Strange, Exotic, Elements of Shinto and Omyoji. I encourage you to watch.
A look at Glass Making. Imagine all of the Glass Makers before the day of Plastics. Of course there were also industrial manufacturing glass plants too. The tools were primitive, so it would seem much more polluting, However, the “Clean” glass plants now, how much machine and energy to create the tools of the “clean” glass of today?
And the Americans think the U.S. is advanced.

As the Western World has to realize.. many of the global issues we face are of their own creation. It may well be time to look at the Vaults or the Documents of the countries that were destroyed or subjugated by the west. Countries who were carved up into “Spheres of Influence”. The answers will often be found in their societies.

The Beauty of the art.