From Wetlands to Farmland… believe it or not, swamp land is important to have. Swampland are great for wildlife. I also can’t help but remember, as a young boy scout, that many forests used to have sections of wetlands. I remember that from hiking and camping. I’d go as far to say that wetlands and their slow moving waters often were one source of soil and ground water that used to feed our forests.. now our wetlands are farms, our forests are burning down, our aquifers are depleted hm…
Examining water through video games? why not…
This opens with a Residential Water Evaluation… Gee.. pretty sad.. I mean with all the California Ag and Fracking, I just don’t see the point of Water Analysts walking with clip boards into residential communities to evaluate Personal Water Consumption… However, going to Ag and Commercial Enterprises and Re-Evaluating what Agricultural Enterprises to keep and what to send into other states.. now that might actually make the Real Difference for California.
Normally, I like to post something neat and uplifting in the water works section.. but lets remember, water is a huge part of nuclear energy… this docu is interesting though… again, lots of people, lots of clothing, lots of old cars, lots of pre slang language… in some ways, this has all the bits that archeologists love to think, daydream about, and figure out.. in an odd way, I submit this ethnographic material.
Finding a Pet at the Grocery Store… Quite a find. This is as satisfying as a documentary on Nat Geo.
One person’s drink… well, I guess that’s just part of another person’s ride..
It’s important to view and listen to non mainstream sources.. even some of the most mundane and boring spaces.. Although I would not Say Vietnam is a mundane or boring space.. They were a very important Culture for inspiring my counterpoint to so many of the “American” empire systems. unfortunately, there are some of the American Groups in use there are such as Dupont, Coca Cola.. probably many more.
Water… as the world is looking for “Green Hydrogen” I wonder what will happen to our already stressed water systems.. and the very problematic probability that Water refining for energy, will result in an even more abusive system of Regulation and Profiteering.. remember, we are talking about Nation State Sized increased consumption of water.
So, there’s this dip shit who works for NASA.. oh gee how many stories.. he must have. Especially now that he’s a ‘climate activist’ … beleive me, he doesn’t even deserve a true quotation mark..
At water works, I tend to post environmental questions or environmentally influenced clips.. Today is a bit of a question.. any thoughts about the Environmental Impact of Snow Making?
The Water we Filter to make the Chips that Run our Technology.. how much water? where do we get water? How much energy? lots of questions..
I like studying ancient water systems. Like a language, water knows how to convey meaning, to those that can read its language.
A valuable look at restoring a City and it’s Natural Water System and its Natural Cooling Effects.
Don’t really need large scale farms so much…
What happens to our refuse water? Now, another interesting thought.. how about all the residual RXs and cleaning residues that enter our waste water zones?