June 2023

Feeling Nostalgic for my first 2 years of Hard Core Punk, fueled mostly by this compilation. Why not give it a try? I remember first listening to this in 1993/94, freshman year of high-school. I had just thrown away my preppy background and stopped hiding that I smoked cigarettes. Ah, throwing away the mask, it was a good move; despite the opinions of everyone else.


Today, I’m unveiling a new page on this site dedicated to Physical Education Principles. Fitness, Sport, Martial Arts, Dance, Meditation maybe… Really, why not? I’m sure I may still involve some of the cryptic motifs whether examining individuals or events..

May 2023

So my thought behind this post, is that I think it is time that physical education should take a dominant position in education. That other than that, a child should pick a major subject, and a minor subject and then learn all other Academic needs, such as reading, writing, math, and even art could be taught in relation to those two subjects and Phys Ed. I actually wrote a treatment article on this issue at one point and I may share it here. Why would I think it a good idea to do education that way though? well, barely 40% of college students graduate and even fewer jobs available in their major, so why not make physical fitness the main show and include the other stuff as potentials and hopefuls.

May 2023

“Look me in the Eye, then tell me… That I’m satisfied. Are You, Satisfied”

Sometimes I think, instead of the anger, if people were just ok in admitting our sadness. Our complete and utter helplessness, we’d be better off and find answers and compromises. But that is often impossible for white men to understand and it is increasingly difficult for white women.. White Women especially, want strong men and everyone knows strong men aren’t allowed to be sad, they must be strong and angry.. what a farce? It is one big reason I can’t work in the western world. Anyway, here’s to my viewers… We need a different understanding in society today. I hope as you read the site, you realize that my posts, whether angry, sad, bitter, cynical, or any other emote, it all boils down to the magnitude of my own Dis-satisfied position… everything wants something for free and from me, even more so. If you’d be willing, message me and grant me donation.

The digital world is a place of dreams, of visions, of sacraments, of angels and demons. The cyber worlds of our time…

At the time, industrial bands like Minestry and Revco, were considered anti christ, anti christian, devil worshipping perhaps…. Looking at this now, id say whatever their intent or critique, they actually seem more like Christians lashing out against the Corrupt leadership and the lack of forgivenesses we experience at the bottom of their castes.. as though they reserved, at the top, both the only supply and the only suitable demand of forgiveness. “The word of god means nothing any more”… I challenge you to watch. Some of these images may not be suitable.. i hope you read my fine print here.

This site is for Opening Locked Doors and Perceptions:

To withdrawal from our current locations, systems, and timings; sound is a useful tool.. This performance of “Making a Cyborg” offers a distant sound of both pasts and futures… what futures and presents we see and live can be correlated through sounds and feelings as we may sometimes wonder; “Why have attitudes Changed” often it is because feelings have either increased or decreased in depth or distance… yet the sounds can be used to intimate and regain all magics. Enjoy your evenings and as always; “Browse with Care”